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"Time has witnessed that the Indian women is an epitome of great will power, emotional strength, courage and sacrifice. The qualities coupled in high grade education and exposure in the society is a perfect blend for an Indian woman to lead the country with not only analytical and practical approach but also compassion in the right direction. Women are capable of leading the society in the right direction and they have proved it over the years, be it Mrs. Indira Gandhi our first woman prime minister or The Indian Airforce women pilots who have rescued thousands of lives in the flood ridden regions of Uttarakhand.      The age old concept of defining a woman has to be changed. Some might argue that this has already been put into action but I am of the thought that the percentage of women who make it up there are very minimal. They have been giving the men a tough competition and redefined herself as the world maker. Women have been proving their capabilities in each and every field…

The Tomato Theory.

Yes. You read it right. It is the Tomato Theory. My very own theory based on the confused technically-fruit-but-vegetable- in the culinary world. It has been quite some time since I have come up with something good or got myself to write a piece.So I thought this is it, time to make this official.
Tomatoes as you all know is botanically and scientifically a fruit since it is developed from the ovary of the flower and contains seeds. But due to it's low sugar content it is consumed as vegetables in our food. This has given rise to way too many confusions and even legal speculations, whether tomatoes are fruits or vegetables. Tomato's status has caused jeopardy and made it a matter of legal importance. ( Refer Wikipedia for further information or just google it)
That was just an over view for the first part of my theory. As theories go, It's time to link this to something else and form a relevant hypothesis. Well, from what I have learnt. In the narrow minded eyes of the wo…

Ten years from now.

'Have you ever thought about what it would be like ten years from now?' She asked me in a sort of lost- in -my -thoughts -dreamy way. 'Well I haven't given much thought to it' I said. 'I feel that no matter how old you are and no matter what life brings your way, one must always have plans and a purpose worth living for.' She replied. I couldn't agree more.  All that you have is this one life and you might as well die some day without any significant accomplishment. By accomplishment I don't mean to say, to win a Nobel Prize or to become the President. I am simply referring to things like, completing all the activities in your customized to-do list, travelling to some place, staying past your curfew and feeling so badass about it or burning those brownies that you baked for your friend’s birthday. It could be as insignificant as buying your favourite orange sweatshirt. (Well in my case it was the orange sweatshirt) That is how memories are made. Most …

The Festival of Lights.

I began writing this post in my beautiful balcony overseeing the concrete jungle of Bangalore. Quite a view I must say. Only that I chose the wrong time to experience the usually peaceful-calm-serene balcony to pump in some inspiration for my bland post. Just then I was welcomed with the loud bursting noise of the crackers, it grew louder and worse. Well, my bad. I almost forgot that Diwali was here. (The Gregorian calender is very confusing and inefficient!) I just couldn't stand the annoying noise, I ran back into the house with nothing more than a severe headache and a confused mind.
 My English teacher had taught me that ' Diwali is the festival of lights', I remember writing the same in my childhood school essays. It is funny how certain things that are given emphasis in school/ things that you learn in school, once you grow up and meet the real world out there they seem nothing more than a LIE( I feel so let down and sad about that). Over the years I have witnessed …

One Fine Morning...

I woke up one fine morning,
I couldn't recognise this place,
But there was something so strangely familiar,
that left me ruminating.
It felt like somebody had erased my memory
and left me free in the wild.
A vulnerable animal, hiding from the predator.
Only to know that I was the predator.
Feeding my own dark thoughts,
giving rise to the monster within me.
It was like yesterday never happened,
Whatever I believed was true, started crumbling apart,
My senses were defying my belief.
I ran around in utter disbelief,
Confusion, chaos and curiosity struck me,
like Zeus' lightning bolt.
I found myself in the middle of Nowhere.
I ran like a wild bull was charging me,
My heart pounding with anxiety,
I stopped by a deserted alley to catch my breath,
But when I got there it wasn't quite deserted!
I noticed : these bunch of  girls giggling and chatting ,
Aunties shopping and gossiping around the corner,
I could hear the click of champagne glasses.
Weirdly,no one seems to notice me.
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The Fantasy-tic Diaries.

I glanced at the mirror for the hundredth time now; to touch up my make up and run my fingers through my hair again and again feeling the silky soft just- conditioned –princess hair. I was dressed in an adorable white dress with a lacy netted neck piece attached with a big satin bow to tie at the back. I don’t even know what that dress is called; mum had got that one for me. It felt so pretty and I just fell in love with that gorgeous thing. I put on my kitten heels and went looking for my clutch and successfully spotted it under my almirah. I had to hurry, it was past six and I was supposed to reach the venue by six. (Getting ready is not what I do the best) I was part of organizing the grand gala reunion of the 2013 graduating batch from Kendriya Vidyalaya NAL.  (even though we are about 20 of us now. But originally we started off with just nine crazy teenagers, like the population of India our cozy little family grew and is further expanding)  Like I said, dressing up is not what I …

Rambling Shacks.

I just can’t find the inspiration to write; maybe I am searching in all the wrong places. I begin with typing out these random words, end up rambling and poof there it goes, and I just stare at an absolutely empty page all day while my thoughts wander around the music playing in the background. That’s it; I call it a day for writing and just sit there and hunt for something to just pounce up on me like a fierce tiger. The problem with the tiger is that just as swiftly and majestically he arrives just as that he exits. One must grab the tiger by his tail and try to lock him up in a well protected cell in their respective brains.  Well I haven’t given up yet that’s something to appreciate about, I am waiting for the right moment to arrive and trigger something inspirational in order to allow me to manifest the inner capabilities to equip me with those powerful tools. I stare at the ceiling fan for hours together; there is something so catchy about the rapid circular motion of a fan that …

Life Unexpected.

So it all began one fine evening ,when I cosily indulged into this gripping novel by Varun Agarwal - How I braved Anu aunty and Co- Founded a million dollar company. What a book I must say, It left me thinking about our "Great Indian Education System" and its consequences on young India, but it is a whole new debate to be discussed. I love the way he puts his interesting life story.To me it seems all practical and  awesome and yet he has been successful in delivering some intricate B-school knowledge and some survival tips in the entrepreneurial world. I was so engrossed in that book, turning page after page, curious to discover his success story. Well to my conscious efforts, this little story of his was feeding to my Plan B, which is to co-found a company and become a successful entrepreneur. I have just formulated the rough idea, hope it soon transforms into something real soon.
 So, just as I had almost sunk into the pages, getting inspired and started making a few futu…

The Innocence Of Childhood

Remember when you ran around the park trying every ride, screaming and giggling. Hesitant at first because you were astound by the mechanism of the rides or you were just scared to heights and big things. But nevertheless you took the ride out of your fascination, then slowly it literally becomes a child's play. Running around all day, covered in mud ,sweat and what not. Rolling all around the place,ending up at a friends house and falling asleep in the couch but somehow magically ending up in your bed. The picnics, epic food and games. Remember the amazing toys that you used to boast about? The illustrated and colourful story books, the cartoons. The crazy games, cute dancing and singing rhymes. Being on the spotlight and being cuddled. Learning the alphabets and numbers. Knocking doors to call your playmates for a game.The innocent naughtiness.Pestering your parents and dirtying the whole house.
The first time when your daddy taught you how to ride a bicycle or to skate and hel…

The Forgotten Desi Khazana.

India, a country known for its rich culture and heritage. The complex aspects of our tradition is what makes it authentic and sets us apart from the rest.
The languages,food,dance forms, music, literature,festivals,temples,attire,beliefs, ideologies and the list goes on. We the People of a country who's past has been a story worth narrating, the ups and downs, the valour and courage of great leaders that has set us free today from the British Raj! Even after 66 years of Independence can we actually call ourselves Independent, free and a developing nation?
How do we call ourselves all this, if millions of Indians' ideologies are hindered and they still favour the Videshi way of life and their products. Right from what we eat to what we wear. Some might just put quality as an excuse, for some it is a matter of financial supremacy and the lamest of all, some do it just because it seems COOL. It cannot get any worse,using a Videshi product or imitating them just because it is coo…

Treadmill Pe Gyan.

A few days ago I ended up in the Gym. Well that is what happens when your unconditional eternal love for food, backfires on you. I dislike those people who eat so much and still don’t manage to gain any sort of body mass. I wonder how they do it. All hail their metabolic system or whatever it is. My solution for all the problems is FOOD. It is something so amazing and trust me on this, food contains these yet to be discovered magical powers that can solve issues. I can’t even begin to tell you about my relationship with food. Keeping my love for food aside, let’s go back to my time in the gym.  So, I began with the usual stretches and the belly exercises and stuff. How do the fitness freaks do it? This is so much work.Phew. "Self control and supposedly the love for their body",keeps them going.This is complete bull shit. After the superficial stretches, I hopped onto the treadmill, my favourite gym equipment, to get going with some serious exercise. I began running on the tre…

Believe In Fantasies...

We all want to do a million things. As time passes by, our to-do list grows longer and longer like Rapunzel's hair. They are indeed bright and shiny, miraculous, exciting and full of zeal. We all want the best of things; we are in this constant quest of making memories and trying to do it all. But we all know that in order to gain something we need to sacrifice certain things. Everybody can’t have everything. You will have your own unfinished chores and endless desires. We all want a paced life.  Life has now become like travelling on a super fast express and covering the maximum places with the minimum time. But contempt is not about quantity it relies on the quality of life.They say,just sit back, calm down and spend the valuable time with your loved ones and learn to enjoy each and every moment of your life. Nothing is guaranteed and life is flexible, so let it be that way. You know that is why we need fantasies and dreams: to recreate our past, enhance our present and de…


Tired and exhausted after a hectic day of school, we went in search for solace.Walking across the deserted parks and the jungle trees, meandering about our future endeavours and feeling extremely invincible. Sharing views, we marched without any navigation. Curious where this blooming path takes us. We took the road not taken and I must tell you we were indeed rewarded.
We had found our solace, our new adobe for simply everything. I still have a fresh and fragrant memory of that day.Rambling with our thoughts we arrived at this gorgeous circular ground. On one side lay the usual half cut granite park benches overshadowed by the enormous trees. The soft garden grass had bordered the ground leaving it bare in the middle. The weather was heavenly, the cool breeze blowing by giving goosebumps and a shiver up my spine. The sky was of this soothing warm blue. The hawks soaring in the sky, the dragon flies, kids playing cricket all of it just got to me. I for once could truly connect wit…


" So I guess we are who we are for a lot of reasons. And maybe we'll never know most of them.But even if we don't have the power to choose where we come from,we can still choose where we go from here. We can still do things and we can try to feel okay about them."
      So, true right?! Yes, we are who we are. I am who I am and nothing can change that.A lot of factors contribute to who we are, be it biological or environmental factors.Nurture or Nature. You simply cant erase all of that, it is a part of you and always will be. We might at times be ashamed of who we are or feel happy about ourselves. But this doesn't matter after all. Right now, at this very moment I am a successful person not only because I was brought up and taught this way, but because I made all the choices, I chose my path and used my  power wisely and attained success,this is how it works.        We make choices and take decisions in every single moment of our lives.This process happens consta…