Rambling Shacks.

I just can’t find the inspiration to write; maybe I am searching in all the wrong places. I begin with typing out these random words, end up rambling and poof there it goes, and I just stare at an absolutely empty page all day while my thoughts wander around the music playing in the background. That’s it; I call it a day for writing and just sit there and hunt for something to just pounce up on me like a fierce tiger. The problem with the tiger is that just as swiftly and majestically he arrives just as that he exits. One must grab the tiger by his tail and try to lock him up in a well protected cell in their respective brains.
 Well I haven’t given up yet that’s something to appreciate about, I am waiting for the right moment to arrive and trigger something inspirational in order to allow me to manifest the inner capabilities to equip me with those powerful tools. I stare at the ceiling fan for hours together; there is something so catchy about the rapid circular motion of a fan that keeps me occupied. It is so hypnotic. While I am patiently waiting for that piece of beautiful inspiration to take its place in my head, mind you patience is not a quality that I often possess and steadily the patience to be patient is on the brink of slipping away yet again. I want to write about so many things, I know there are so many untold stories within me that I would like to unveil; I want to pen down a revolution, I want to entertain people , I want to open up my heart through my writing , my pen is the medium of expressing my feelings. My aspirations are very well aimed for the stars but I need to figure out a way to get there to at least reach the skies.
All this just gets to me and in one moment it’s a frenzy of feelings and thoughts and the next moment it is all gone, just the way it arrived. I wish to become an artist capable of painting these bold letters and weaving the words with the silver lining. I know that the little baby steps matter here but impatience gets the better of me. The impatience to live the “dream”, experiencing the perks, feeling good about yourself and the feeling of accomplishment. Honestly speaking somewhere along I have wanted to take the easy way out, the shortcut route and I am aware that it doesn't work that way ever, does it? You know like those books which say 10 easy steps to lose weight in 2 weeks or 10 easy steps to grow rich, well these things never work out. You either end up bankrupt or with horrible side effects or these steps are just indirectly indicating you to work hard.  You shed some sweat, work your ass off that is when you are paid off, then the satisfaction is extremely fulfilling. That is how it works at least that is how I have seen it work. So basically I am confused, scared, and unaware of what life is going to bring my way the next moment. As I am slowly sculpting my “way” (at least I think I am) , shedding those drops of sweat and  looking for the tiger and it pains me to say that it is difficult to hunt down one of these beasts at the rate at which these creatures are dying, I am held up in my own rambling shack.
 Guess what? I have successfully written a piece of rambling with no definite beginning and end. It is not bad for a restart. I should rename my blog as rambling shacks or something, since the imbued bubble within me just got burst. I like to ramble around with words; this is how I feel on the inside, shattered in a very funny way. Okay I better stop here for now and let my ramble do the talking.That's it for now. 
PS- let me know if you feel the same way or different. It makes me feel better.Thank you.


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