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The Fantasy-tic Diaries.

I glanced at the mirror for the hundredth time now; to touch up my make up and run my fingers through my hair again and again feeling the silky soft just- conditioned –princess hair. I was dressed in an adorable white dress with a lacy netted neck piece attached with a big satin bow to tie at the back. I don’t even know what that dress is called; mum had got that one for me. It felt so pretty and I just fell in love with that gorgeous thing. I put on my kitten heels and went looking for my clutch and successfully spotted it under my almirah. I had to hurry, it was past six and I was supposed to reach the venue by six. (Getting ready is not what I do the best) I was part of organizing the grand gala reunion of the 2013 graduating batch from Kendriya Vidyalaya NAL.  (even though we are about 20 of us now. But originally we started off with just nine crazy teenagers, like the population of India our cozy little family grew and is further expanding)  Like I said, dressing up is not what I …

Rambling Shacks.

I just can’t find the inspiration to write; maybe I am searching in all the wrong places. I begin with typing out these random words, end up rambling and poof there it goes, and I just stare at an absolutely empty page all day while my thoughts wander around the music playing in the background. That’s it; I call it a day for writing and just sit there and hunt for something to just pounce up on me like a fierce tiger. The problem with the tiger is that just as swiftly and majestically he arrives just as that he exits. One must grab the tiger by his tail and try to lock him up in a well protected cell in their respective brains.  Well I haven’t given up yet that’s something to appreciate about, I am waiting for the right moment to arrive and trigger something inspirational in order to allow me to manifest the inner capabilities to equip me with those powerful tools. I stare at the ceiling fan for hours together; there is something so catchy about the rapid circular motion of a fan that …

Life Unexpected.

So it all began one fine evening ,when I cosily indulged into this gripping novel by Varun Agarwal - How I braved Anu aunty and Co- Founded a million dollar company. What a book I must say, It left me thinking about our "Great Indian Education System" and its consequences on young India, but it is a whole new debate to be discussed. I love the way he puts his interesting life story.To me it seems all practical and  awesome and yet he has been successful in delivering some intricate B-school knowledge and some survival tips in the entrepreneurial world. I was so engrossed in that book, turning page after page, curious to discover his success story. Well to my conscious efforts, this little story of his was feeding to my Plan B, which is to co-found a company and become a successful entrepreneur. I have just formulated the rough idea, hope it soon transforms into something real soon.
 So, just as I had almost sunk into the pages, getting inspired and started making a few futu…