Life Unexpected.

So it all began one fine evening ,when I cosily indulged into this gripping novel by Varun Agarwal - How I braved Anu aunty and Co- Founded a million dollar company. What a book I must say, It left me thinking about our "Great Indian Education System" and its consequences on young India, but it is a whole new debate to be discussed. I love the way he puts his interesting life story.To me it seems all practical and  awesome and yet he has been successful in delivering some intricate B-school knowledge and some survival tips in the entrepreneurial world. I was so engrossed in that book, turning page after page, curious to discover his success story. Well to my conscious efforts, this little story of his was feeding to my Plan B, which is to co-found a company and become a successful entrepreneur. I have just formulated the rough idea, hope it soon transforms into something real soon.
 So, just as I had almost sunk into the pages, getting inspired and started making a few future plans, there was a sudden knock at the door and my parents rushed to get the door and I could sense the emergency in the air so I took my eyes off the book and ran to the living room only to find out that a man in my apartment who was supposedly my neighbour was lying unconscious.My dad is the only doctor in the apartment so he had to rush to that uncle's aid and my mom too headed out to enquire the situation. I didn't care much, besides I had a novel to finish and continue fantasising about my future.I got back to my room and continued reading. You know those moments when you are reading with complete concentration and attention,you suddenly jerk into reality which is gloomy and sad because you want to get to the super awesome book world. Well the same thing happened to me and I had woken from this aunty yelling on her phone in a very tensed and angst voice, but she managed to be loud enough." Send Ambulance, Patient unconscious. Serious." These words were enough for me to run downstairs and get a glimpse of the whole situation and it had been quite some time since my parents had left. I was sweating a bit and I didn't know why?!I went running down only to see an aunty weeping and her kajal had spread all over her face which added to the scariness of the situation. I peeped into the house and there was no sign of my parents and I didn't know what to do so I kind of hid behind the stairs ( Yes, I did that) only a few moments later mom came out and found me sitting on the stairs and informed me that the man was no more. He just died. POOF. He was gone. I accompanied my mom to their house, only to find a dead man lying on the bed, his wife moaning loudly and his startled children hugging their mother. It was a disturbing scene. It sort of affected me, left me thinking about the uncertainty of life. Life was at its peak for that man, he had a good job, bought a new house, was finally settling down, only when the universe decided to end it for him. He had it all. He seemed to pretty happy with his life. He was a perfectly healthy young Indian techie, who was relaxing after a long days work. He was working on his laptop and the next moment he was on the floor. Left cold dead by a massive cardiac arrest.That is it. Just by a matter of seconds he left his body, his job, his wife widowed , his children were fatherless, his wealth, and everything he knew was true was gone.
 A second let alone a moment can cause so much damage to us. We often undermine the power of a second and we believe that we are invincible.Life may be uncertain but death is the only certain think a human can ever think of. We came into this world with NOTHING and sure as hell we will take back NOTHING. Then why are we here? What is the purpose of life? We are not even the size of a dust particle in comparison to our vast universe. We are tremendously insignificant. But our insignificance doesn't stop us from doing things and being happy. Maybe that is why great people are so humble and down to earth because they have realised that all the fame, money and greatness doesn't matter after all and they have experienced the insignificance and uncertainty of human life.
 Nobody knows what is going to happen to you the very next moment. I mean the possibilities are vast- you could fall in love , just die, someone could bomb your house, aliens could invade our planet, unicorns could be flying on rainbows and it goes on. Anything can happen. All that you have with you is RIGHT NOW. This very freaking moment. I feel that there exists nothing like the future ( too hypocritical for a person who makes loads of "future" plans) You never know what is going to happen to you the nest second. So,Carpe the Diem.
Sometimes life seems to be nothing but illusions. Maybe we just weave these delusions and feed them with our experiences or things that we feel are true and it is ends up to a carpet called life.
One thing that I took back from this little experience of mine was,well let me quote Shakespeare first.
There's a tide in the affairs of men, Which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.Omitted, all the voyages of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries.On such a full sea are we now afloat,and we must take the current when it serves or lose our ventures.Well, life is short and opportunities are rare so seize every opportunity and live your dream. There is no time to wait for the right time to come around. If you want to do something , then you might as well start now.
So, the chain of events always turn out to be unexpected and the very zeal of life lies in its unexpected ness. What fun would it be to play a game so obvious and revealing?! 


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