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Ten years from now.

'Have you ever thought about what it would be like ten years from now?' She asked me in a sort of lost- in -my -thoughts -dreamy way. 'Well I haven't given much thought to it' I said. 'I feel that no matter how old you are and no matter what life brings your way, one must always have plans and a purpose worth living for.' She replied. I couldn't agree more.  All that you have is this one life and you might as well die some day without any significant accomplishment. By accomplishment I don't mean to say, to win a Nobel Prize or to become the President. I am simply referring to things like, completing all the activities in your customized to-do list, travelling to some place, staying past your curfew and feeling so badass about it or burning those brownies that you baked for your friend’s birthday. It could be as insignificant as buying your favourite orange sweatshirt. (Well in my case it was the orange sweatshirt) That is how memories are made. Most …

The Festival of Lights.

I began writing this post in my beautiful balcony overseeing the concrete jungle of Bangalore. Quite a view I must say. Only that I chose the wrong time to experience the usually peaceful-calm-serene balcony to pump in some inspiration for my bland post. Just then I was welcomed with the loud bursting noise of the crackers, it grew louder and worse. Well, my bad. I almost forgot that Diwali was here. (The Gregorian calender is very confusing and inefficient!) I just couldn't stand the annoying noise, I ran back into the house with nothing more than a severe headache and a confused mind.
 My English teacher had taught me that ' Diwali is the festival of lights', I remember writing the same in my childhood school essays. It is funny how certain things that are given emphasis in school/ things that you learn in school, once you grow up and meet the real world out there they seem nothing more than a LIE( I feel so let down and sad about that). Over the years I have witnessed …

One Fine Morning...

I woke up one fine morning,
I couldn't recognise this place,
But there was something so strangely familiar,
that left me ruminating.
It felt like somebody had erased my memory
and left me free in the wild.
A vulnerable animal, hiding from the predator.
Only to know that I was the predator.
Feeding my own dark thoughts,
giving rise to the monster within me.
It was like yesterday never happened,
Whatever I believed was true, started crumbling apart,
My senses were defying my belief.
I ran around in utter disbelief,
Confusion, chaos and curiosity struck me,
like Zeus' lightning bolt.
I found myself in the middle of Nowhere.
I ran like a wild bull was charging me,
My heart pounding with anxiety,
I stopped by a deserted alley to catch my breath,
But when I got there it wasn't quite deserted!
I noticed : these bunch of  girls giggling and chatting ,
Aunties shopping and gossiping around the corner,
I could hear the click of champagne glasses.
Weirdly,no one seems to notice me.