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"Time has witnessed that the Indian women is an epitome of great will power, emotional strength, courage and sacrifice. The qualities coupled in high grade education and exposure in the society is a perfect blend for an Indian woman to lead the country with not only analytical and practical approach but also compassion in the right direction. Women are capable of leading the society in the right direction and they have proved it over the years, be it Mrs. Indira Gandhi our first woman prime minister or The Indian Airforce women pilots who have rescued thousands of lives in the flood ridden regions of Uttarakhand.      The age old concept of defining a woman has to be changed. Some might argue that this has already been put into action but I am of the thought that the percentage of women who make it up there are very minimal. They have been giving the men a tough competition and redefined herself as the world maker. Women have been proving their capabilities in each and every field…

The Tomato Theory.

Yes. You read it right. It is the Tomato Theory. My very own theory based on the confused technically-fruit-but-vegetable- in the culinary world. It has been quite some time since I have come up with something good or got myself to write a piece.So I thought this is it, time to make this official.
Tomatoes as you all know is botanically and scientifically a fruit since it is developed from the ovary of the flower and contains seeds. But due to it's low sugar content it is consumed as vegetables in our food. This has given rise to way too many confusions and even legal speculations, whether tomatoes are fruits or vegetables. Tomato's status has caused jeopardy and made it a matter of legal importance. ( Refer Wikipedia for further information or just google it)
That was just an over view for the first part of my theory. As theories go, It's time to link this to something else and form a relevant hypothesis. Well, from what I have learnt. In the narrow minded eyes of the wo…