One Fine Morning...

I woke up one fine morning,
I couldn't recognise this place,
But there was something so strangely familiar,
that left me ruminating.
It felt like somebody had erased my memory
and left me free in the wild.
A vulnerable animal, hiding from the predator.
Only to know that I was the predator.
Feeding my own dark thoughts,
giving rise to the monster within me.
It was like yesterday never happened,
Whatever I believed was true, started crumbling apart,
My senses were defying my belief.
I ran around in utter disbelief,
Confusion, chaos and curiosity struck me,
like Zeus' lightning bolt.
I found myself in the middle of Nowhere.
I ran like a wild bull was charging me,
My heart pounding with anxiety,
I stopped by a deserted alley to catch my breath,
But when I got there it wasn't quite deserted!
I noticed : these bunch of  girls giggling and chatting ,
Aunties shopping and gossiping around the corner,
I could hear the click of champagne glasses.
Weirdly,no one seems to notice me.
There was this couple and a young girl,
seated on a couch and engaged in a intense debate.
She was scared, I could tell that by the look of her eyes,
They were so deep,it was as if she was trying to tell me something
Something precautionary, something that would explain my wild run this morning.
But I couldn't make sense of the happenings.
Just then, I found myself looking at this little girl
She was safely wrapped around in her blanky,
I watched her closely, the happiness and bliss on her innocent face was priceless.
Maybe that is what I was looking for, the pure serenity.
All of a sudden this little angel disappeared,
leaving behind  fairy dust.
The more I looked around for answers,
the more I lost them.
I was left where I started off.
Practically, I was getting Nowhere.
I needed to figure out why I went to the deserted alley in the first place.
Time was running out, my conscience didn't seem to cooperate.
Everything was known, yet so unknown.
My identity, I don't know what that is?!
Do I even belong somewhere?
All that I knew was, I am self contradicting.
Funny, how I could sense the paradox under such circumstances.
I woke up one fine morning,
Except that it was everything but fine.
Everything and everybody had changed,
that is what I felt until the little girl came in,
It was not them after all,
regardless that their opinions were the catalysts.
It was my perspective and that is all that mattered.
I grabbed my chisel and began building what looked like a sculpture,
Honestly, I didn't know what I was doing.
I built it like 'they' asked me to,
A made-up identity didn't last long,
I was charged guilty soon.
It took me quite some time to realise,
that 'I' was no longer what I thought I was,
Things had changed and 'I' grew up.
I seek a greater understanding within myself.
I was aware of the complexity of the situation,
I am stuck between the force of time and the intricacy of my perspectives.
The more I try to free myself, the more I get strangled between the forces.
I am scared of the known,
I am fragile and in need of repair.
I look for the silver lining out there,
But the cloud pours heavily on me.
I woke up one fine morning,
Hoping that it isn't a teenage dream gone wrong.
Maybe it is not as bad as it seems...

P.S- I just can't decide on a post title for this one.


  1. could I suggest a title?

    I think I would call this... Deviation from reality!


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