Ten years from now.

'Have you ever thought about what it would be like ten years from now?' She asked me in a sort of lost- in -my -thoughts -dreamy way. 'Well I haven't given much thought to it' I said.
'I feel that no matter how old you are and no matter what life brings your way, one must always have plans and a purpose worth living for.' She replied. I couldn't agree more. 
All that you have is this one life and you might as well die some day without any significant accomplishment. By accomplishment I don't mean to say, to win a Nobel Prize or to become the President. I am simply referring to things like, completing all the activities in your customized to-do list, travelling to some place, staying past your curfew and feeling so badass about it or burning those brownies that you baked for your friend’s birthday. It could be as insignificant as buying your favourite orange sweatshirt. (Well in my case it was the orange sweatshirt) That is how memories are made. Most of the time you don't really plan for things to happen, they just come your way.
But yet again this insignificant act is what might become a significant accomplishment. They talk about happiness from the unexpected places. These things might not matter now, but when I look back in to my life ten years later, it is the orange sweatshirt that accompanied me on that adventure or nursed me through the Himalayan weather. 
See there, I'll have stories to tell and significant memories to recollect. The circumstances that life puts you in are inevitable, so why not look forward to these moments with a grin on your face and some optimistic plans stacked up in your head. Then again, I guess it is okay if things don't happen the way we expected or go according to the plans we jotted down. The whole point of making plans is just giving you a purpose to live or something to look forward to. Just for the fun of it, when you recall these adventures with your friend, talk about the drama and the memorable moments.
This random conversation with my friend actually got me thinking about things like, where would I be ten years from now? What would I be doing? Will I survive this brutal world till then? It sparked a sense of bewilderness. All that I knew was, I had to be somewhere right. Breathing in some colourful corner of this world or merged with the colourful hues of the rainbows. Either ways I will be in some place, be it the mountain peaks or the river valleys. Only that it wouldn’t be so colourful. Forgive the delirium that I constantly live in.  I wonder what that some place would look like. In my head, ten years from now I will be twenty five, hopefully with a decent college degree and if I am lucky enough you would find me training in the IAA in the heavenly hills of Mussourie. This is just a vague outlook of my ambitious ten year plan. You never know where this is going to take me. For now all that I can hope for it to be a nice lovely rainbow-ish place. Then again it is not going to be all the nice you know.
 Ten years from now all my experiences will make me stronger and a better person, I know that for sure. One important thing is that by then I have to find my love and somehow cupid has got to shoot his goddamn arrow and spare me the crazy old cat lady's fate.  I want to welcome love when he finally arrives with a bang. I wish to save the details for later.
One can’t always keep Carpe-ing the Diem. If you seize every moment of the day, living it to the fullest, as infinite and blissful it sounds it is just boring trust me. So it is okay to sway away from your routine and to sit there dream and make more plans, when things don’t go right.

I might just read this post ten years from now and laugh out loud about my amateur and highly optimistic plans. 
So let's see Ten years from now what awaits for me. Ambition or Crazy cat lady?! 

P.S - I posted this a few days back but it happened to magically disappear. Somehow I managed to put it all back but it just doesn't seem right. It tastes like my chocolate cake recipe is missing something important and I just don't know what it is. I'll let you know if I ever figure it out. 


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