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How I Got My First Job at 17. Interning And More This Summer.

I was graduating from high school this year and apart from the college admissions I had nothing worthwhile to do. So I thought maybe I should look for some content writing internships in the city. Hold that thought, who would give an inexperienced 17 year old a decent job in India? Hmm, the chance are extremely thin. Regardless, I applied for a couple of internships half heartedly online, thinking what's the harm in applying! But I was surprised when one of the start ups called me for an interview, bubbling with excitement I broke the news to my parents and headed for the interview on the following day. Hurraayy, the interview went well and within no time I was a content writing intern for a start up website. Finally, I got my dream summer job. I had to practically live on the internet and surf all day to come up with ideas for articles and write them. What more could I ask for? As easy and fun as it sounds there is so much more to learn and working from office gives an unique to…