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The Innocence Of Childhood

Remember when you ran around the park trying every ride, screaming and giggling. Hesitant at first because you were astound by the mechanism of the rides or you were just scared to heights and big things. But nevertheless you took the ride out of your fascination, then slowly it literally becomes a child's play. Running around all day, covered in mud ,sweat and what not. Rolling all around the place,ending up at a friends house and falling asleep in the couch but somehow magically ending up in your bed. The picnics, epic food and games. Remember the amazing toys that you used to boast about? The illustrated and colourful story books, the cartoons. The crazy games, cute dancing and singing rhymes. Being on the spotlight and being cuddled. Learning the alphabets and numbers. Knocking doors to call your playmates for a game.The innocent naughtiness.Pestering your parents and dirtying the whole house.
The first time when your daddy taught you how to ride a bicycle or to skate and hel…

The Forgotten Desi Khazana.

India, a country known for its rich culture and heritage. The complex aspects of our tradition is what makes it authentic and sets us apart from the rest.
The languages,food,dance forms, music, literature,festivals,temples,attire,beliefs, ideologies and the list goes on. We the People of a country who's past has been a story worth narrating, the ups and downs, the valour and courage of great leaders that has set us free today from the British Raj! Even after 66 years of Independence can we actually call ourselves Independent, free and a developing nation?
How do we call ourselves all this, if millions of Indians' ideologies are hindered and they still favour the Videshi way of life and their products. Right from what we eat to what we wear. Some might just put quality as an excuse, for some it is a matter of financial supremacy and the lamest of all, some do it just because it seems COOL. It cannot get any worse,using a Videshi product or imitating them just because it is coo…