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Rewind 2014.

One fine evening, I tell Ma that I am going for a jog and I go sit on the staircase that leads to the water tank in my apartment’s terrace. I was listening to “Sound of Silence” on repeat and watching the sun drown into the urban jungle. It is my favorite time of the day. The sky is perfectly divided with the darkness of the fast approaching dusk and the last rays of light from the setting sun. It reminds me that we go through hardships only to cherish good times. We cry on some days only to laugh it all out on other days. The evening sky teaches me the contrasts of life like nothing else. Lost in deep thoughts, I think about all the significant events of the past year. I like to believe that everything in life is an opportunity cost. The events in our life, significant or otherwise are at the cost of the next best alternative forgone. All the memories that I've made in 2014 was at the cost of being somewhere else and making a whole different set of memories. 2014 has been a splen…

An Open Letter To God.

Dear God,
When I was 5 years old my parents took me to a conference in Pune, where a God man or a Yoga Guru as you wish to call him was interacting with the earthly creatures and answering their incessant questions on the mysteries of life, death and the human race. After all I was just a 5 years old kid and all this didn't make much sense to me and boredom took over, so after pestering my mother to take me out of the air conditioned hall packed with molecules of celestial energy I gave up and fell asleep on my mother's lap. Later when the conference was over, my parents and I got an opportunity to confront the Guru back stage and I asked him “Where is God?"  He smiled at me as though mocking my curiosity. "God is everywhere. In you and me."(I’m not sure whether those where his exact words) he said in his deep charismatic voice. This is my first ever memory of you, dear God.  I don't know what made the five years old me ask that, though I didn't have the…

All is well that ends well.

All good and bad things come to an end. This is the philosophy of life. Everything has a beginning so it could end someday. And the cycle continues. We’re all born to die someday. Things just have to come to an end. I for one am a staunch believer in perfect endings. Maybe not the Nicolas Sparks novel kind of perfect or a fairy tale kind of ending. But a kind of ending that makes the entire journey worth the risk, memorable and amazing. But most of the times things end abruptly. We drift away from people in our lives without saying goodbye. We could die without having accomplished our deepest desires. We graduate with grades that are just not what we expected. Why should endings be perfect? Why would anybody want the thing that destroys them to be perfect? What is this ‘perfect ending’ that I am so obsessed with? I believe that even if it were the worst thing that could happen to you, it should at least end in a perfect manner. I remember crying and throwing tantrums during last year’…

"Everything is fair in love and war."

They say that, Everything is fair in love and war. But is it fair to love someone knowing that they'll never be able to reciprocate your love? Is it fair to love someone and let them go? Is it fair to love someone and just die or worse walk away? Is it fair to make promises when you know you can't keep them? Is it fair to get someone's hopes up just to let them rot in misery? Is it fair to look them in the eye and tell them that you love them and ignore them at their worst? Is it fair to love someone and not have the courage to let them love you back?
      None of that is fair because love is keeping the promises anyway. Love is less about appreciating them at their best and more about accepting them at their worst. Love is holding them and telling them over and over how much you love them and sticking around long enough to prove that. Love is having reasons even in an unreasonable situation. Love is quoting their favourite books and singing that song in your head …

Sweden, here I come!

It is less than 24 hours for me to board the plane to Sweden via Frankfurt and travel anxiety has struck me already. I mean its never too late for you to realize that its your first trip abroad and that too you are all by yourself! So right now I am a little sleep deprived, restless, nervous and excited, so basically I am anything but calm. ( calmness and presence of mind being a prerequisite for travel) I chose to blog rather than take my much awaited afternoon nap.
It is a two weeks student exchange program to Lerum,Sweden. I'll be staying in my Swedish hosts house, they are Paulina, Hanna and Joel. All three of them are very nice people, they answer my endless questions about the weather, the food and everything else! So I'm looking forward to meet them and get to know them better. My two weeks there seem to be jam packed with activities that they have planned for me ,which seems all the more exciting. So the plan is to keep my blog updated on my daily activities.( Gosh, l…


Couple of weeks back this new unconventional bollywood movie named “ QUEEN” releases and there is a lot of frenzy about it all around but in a good way. Whatsapp statuses, Facebook updates, tweets it is all over the place. Overnight the protagonist of the movie Kangana Ranaut became literally and metaphorically the queen. So I had to go see it myself and just like that I hit the theatre with two of my friends. And for once I was happy that the movie lived up to all the hype created about it actually a little more than that! It was an amazing experience.We fell of the seats laughing in a few scenes and a few scenes just made us go Aww. So the story goes like this- It all starts on the eve of Rani’s wedding. All of a sudden her fiance refuses to marry her and the wedding is at a halt. Rani who was brought up in a traditional Hindu family in Delhi, like most of the girls in India, faces her worst nightmares when she hears those words coming out of her fiance. She is almost lost and ruin…

The Pursuit Of Happyness.

Chris Gardener is the chief executive officer of Gardener Rich and Co, a multimillion -dollar brokerage with offices in NewYork, Chicago and San Francisco. But there lies a struggle beneath all this success. The pursuit of happyness is his truly inspirational rags to riches story. The book begins on the lines of describing his troubled childhood and goes on to narrating his success story. Chris Gardner's story is the perfect example that nothing comes easy in this world.There is no easy money making or five quick steps to a successful job.  Everything is blood and sweat. If you want it you earn it and yet never fear to dream big.
With all odds against him, an African- American man who faces racial discrimination in work place, homeless for almost an year as a single parent to raise his son whom he loved the most. Yet he some how doesn't loose hope. He has that faith in himself that no one else could have had on him. His mother's words and his son's smile is what kept h…

Malaysia, truly Asia!

This blog post is exclusively for Blogadda's Malaysia Jao contest.

    Malaysia is one country which within it's limited territory has diverse geographical locations from technologically developed cities to exotic islands and rich wild life. So Malaysia definitely fits in my travel list. A country that I would love to take off as a backpacker and simply explore the various elements of it- their culture, landscape, people, food and wild life!
So here are the top 5 places that I want to visit in Malaysia.

#1 Malacca

   This place caught my interest mainly because of it's historical happenings. Malacca was ruled and battled over for centuries between Indian, British, Dutch and Portuguese government. This city is filled with excellent architecture, monuments, colonial aura and great culture which reflects it's true historical essence. I would love to discover Malacca as I believe that it has a lot of stories to tell.

#2 Kota Bharu
Kota Bharu …

The Worldly Riches.

" Once upon a time there lived a poor Brahman in the woods with his wife and three children. He was dedicated to his work and completely devoted to God. He earned very little to sustain his big family. But nevertheless he was an honest man. He worked hard,day and night to earn his living. He spent most of his time in the village temple and later in the evening he would go to the market and preach about life and God to the locals. He used to converse with God, tell him all his sorrows and happiness. He was satisfied and contempt with the little that he had.
Many days passed by, he grew older and was much weaker now. He was unable to travel around. His family was under deep debts. It was a hard time for the family.
One fine evening, SeetaRam ate his dinner and went to bed early. He was fast asleep, ignorant of the things happening around him. But just then, he had a vision in his sleep. It was no other dream. This was the Goddess herself, who appeared in his dream. She had fiery e…

Write to me, my love!

Write to me, my love.
For I shall guard that part of you with all my heart.
Do understand, your secret is safe with me.
Hold my hand , together we shall jump into the unknown.
For you are my only solace, my only love.

The flowers have bloomed for you to embrace them,
The fountains dance to see you smile,
The sun shines brighter to glisten upon your face,
I lie here and watch you soak it all in.
Write to me, my love.

Tell me about your adventures and hardships.
Tell me about the distant lands and the great men.
Tell me about the deserts and the snow.
For I will be a vivid listener,
Ardent and full of anticipation.

Tell me, because I will listen.
Tell me, because I love you.
Write to me, my love.

For I shall discover you in the hidden trails of the desert,
I will come looking for you in the barren battlefields,
I will find you amidst the dry grasslands.
And together let's jump into the unknown...

Write to me, for you will be eternal in my memories.
Before oblivion haunts us and dea…

Happy Birthday, to me!

I successfully completed sixteen years of existence , a week back. So far it has been an amazing day. It is this one day of the year where you get all the attention you need. People make you feel special, embrace your existence and just shower love. That is why I love birthdays!
The crazy midnight phone calls, texts and all the sweet Facebook wall posts. The cake cutting, balloons and cake facials. The tight hugs and loads of random people wishing you "Hey, Happy Birthday!" Unwrapping all those thoughtful gifts and Thanking people for all their love and for being the icing on the cake. It turned out to be a very pleasant day and not like any other day. I have all these wonderful people to thank for making it super cool. Birthday's are just so exciting.
Well I did turn sixteen and there is usually a lot of expectations attached to it. You know the whole sweet, sexy sixteen thing. You are finally into the older category of your teenage life. Sixteen is usually characteris…

The Secret life of Tom, Dick and Harry.

" To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other and to feel. That is the purpose of life"

I watched 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty' recently. It was an amazing experience and it left me thinking about a lot of things. So long story short basically it is about this middle aged man who unwinds and discovers the purpose of life and finally boards the right train to take his journey of life. The story is very beautifully narrated.( Something which I can't do) So basically you should go watch it and the best part is who ever you are I am sure you can relate to it some way or the other.

I won't be preaching and telling you about these great life lessons that I have conceived in the process, because I am neither Athena's daughter nor Dalai Lama. People will say a million things to you about how to lead life and give the usual long speeches but it will all get to you, when you make mistakes,you learn and ex…


Quotes are something that I live for right after Fantasies and Food. This has particularly been a very hard thing to do, to pick my 10 favourite quotations of all time. I'll try and keep it to 10 only. They never fail to inspire me. So I present to you- TOP TEN QUOTES ( in no particular order )

1. "It matters not how strait the gate or how charged with punishments the scroll. I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul."                                                                    - W.E HENLEY
2."We accept the love we think we deserve."                                                                     - STEPHEN CHOBOSKY
3." A man is the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes."                                                                     - M.K GANDHI
4." There is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune. Omitted, all the voyages of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries. …

From Napoleon to Aam Aadmi.

Once upon a time, a few centuries ago at the time of war, bloodshed and victories. When monarchy was at its heights and the commoners left with nothing. The time when revolutionaries were born and secret societies emerged. Yes that's the time I am talking about.
 My history lessons have left me wondering about revolutions and my new craze is for secret societies. They make me curious and I have done quite a bot of research in that aspect too.
From the Illuminatis to the Freemasons they all had a lot of things in common. They had a secret to protect and a purpose to fulfill. I believe that the reason they all chose to work secretively is that probably that helped them accomplish their purpose and make their moves efficiently.
As far as revolutionaries are concerned, these were a few men who represented the people's will and they fulfilled the wishes of these people. They brought back the lost glory of the land and restored power in people's hands.
There came a time in Worl…

Welcome 2014

Dear Friend,
Yet another year passes by like the cold wind giving you a shiver up the spine. Finally when it all gets to you, the important moments are highlighted and the rest is just blur. Through the past year there were some significant memories the ones that left sizzling marks on us and the rest were not so, but nevertheless they'll all be fondly remembered. The time has come when Mother Earth has successfully completed one revolution. That's something to celebrate for.
With all the magic, dark matter, supernatural powers, fairy dust, Oreo cheesecake and a few drops of salty tears- 2013 has blended into some sort of weird drink but the good kinda weird. It was an amazing journey and with deep sorrow I must say that it has come to an end but only to make way for more craziness and fun.
2013 was mind blowing and fantastic at the same time it was heartbreaking because a lot of things changed and as much as it was all painful it sure did make us stronger and better. 2013, a…