All is well that ends well.

All good and bad things come to an end. This is the philosophy of life. Everything has a beginning so it could end someday. And the cycle continues. We’re all born to die someday. Things just have to come to an end. I for one am a staunch believer in perfect endings. Maybe not the Nicolas Sparks novel kind of perfect or a fairy tale kind of ending. But a kind of ending that makes the entire journey worth the risk, memorable and amazing. But most of the times things end abruptly. We drift away from people in our lives without saying goodbye. We could die without having accomplished our deepest desires. We graduate with grades that are just not what we expected.
Why should endings be perfect? Why would anybody want the thing that destroys them to be perfect? What is this ‘perfect ending’ that I am so obsessed with?
I believe that even if it were the worst thing that could happen to you, it should at least end in a perfect manner. I remember crying and throwing tantrums during last year’s New Year party because the uncles forgot to cut the cake at the stroke of midnight and the countdown was totally messed up. Oh boy, did I loathe that moment! It wasn't my idea of a perfect ending for 2013. Maybe if the countdown wasn't messed up, I would have welcomed 2014 happily. Perfect endings lies in the minute of details that we weave in our heads. Perfect endings welcome better beginnings. Perfect endings are more about making a statement than smooth finishing. If you want to fight with a so called friend of yours, you might as well have a huge cat fight and end your friendship perfectly, you know what I mean.
We run the details of significant events in our lives over and over again. Then one fine day the moment arrives, it could be your graduation, wedding or even a presentation in school. It might just last for 5 whole minutes and all of a sudden it ends, the anticipation dies and so does the fantasy because it has manifested into reality. It leaves behind an emptiness that is often incomprehensible. It is always important for us to know when something has reached its end. Closing circles, shutting doors, finishing chapters doesn't matter what we call it or how we see it. The ending should just be perfect enough to compensate for the happenings and kick start a new beginning.

You walk the aisle with your better half and it’s done. You’re expected to start a happy married life now. You receive your degree and graduate first class and it’s over. You’re expected to work in a high paying firm. You finish the last page of your novel that you've been working on for years and it just ends. You’re expected to start over. You run a marathon and it’s over when you make it to the finish line. Every time we begin something, consciously or subconsciously we know that it will come to an end. Then why are endings always looked upon as bad? Maybe because we can't stand the idea of something ending in which we've invested all our energy and nurtured it like our baby. Endings are not all that bad after all, if it helps you get out of a bad relationship or a bad school year. 
 I believe that death, last page of a novel and the last piece of chocolate cake should be celebrated and not dreaded upon, because all is well that ends well. 


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