Treadmill Pe Gyan.

A few days ago I ended up in the Gym. Well that is what happens when your unconditional eternal love for food, backfires on you. I dislike those people who eat so much and still don’t manage to gain any sort of body mass. I wonder how they do it. All hail their metabolic system or whatever it is. My solution for all the problems is FOOD. It is something so amazing and trust me on this, food contains these yet to be discovered magical powers that can solve issues. I can’t even begin to tell you about my relationship with food. Keeping my love for food aside, let’s go back to my time in the gym. 
So, I began with the usual stretches and the belly exercises and stuff. How do the fitness freaks do it? This is so much work.Phew. "Self control and supposedly the love for their body",keeps them going.This is complete bull shit. After the superficial stretches, I hopped onto the treadmill, my favourite gym equipment, to get going with some serious exercise. I began running on the treadmill, I was staring out of the window which connected me to the outside world, this gihugic concrete carpet.Then it struck me like an epiphany.
Drops of sweat on my forehead, heart racing and all over I felt so light and the next moment these thoughts come rushing. It was a good feeling but behind all this good part was the side of truth, the cold, heavy not so easy to digest part. Life is a race, a journey. We all have our ways of running this marathon. You just have to keep going without questioning it's elements. You know like just go with the flow.The speed and inclination buttons are under your complete conscious control, so you get to adjust it and make the most of it. But then again we can’t just keep running for ever. We stop once in a while, breathe and boom we are back on track. We are provided with all the required tools or we acquire them sometimes. We break our journey down in to simpler steps , experiment on various theories and methods to reach the destination. We all have one thing in common, We all want to taste the fruit of success and achieve the ultimate goal, make it to the finish line. But what happens when we get there? What lies in the finish line?What's next? Aiming for the unknown.This element of curiosity is what keeps the race going. 
Then the darkness sets in.Sometimes it might seem like you have lost the race. You just can’t figure out what it is that you are doing. And your mind burdens you with all sorts of questions. It seems like you are heading nowhere. You are left all alone, hopelessly and you just seize to work. All the bright and shiny is just sucked out leaving the dark and twisted behind. You are all by yourself, left there to make your way out of this crazy maze. We all get that once in a while. But what matters is that how well you put up with it and rise like a phoenix. Then you dust it off and keep going. That is how life rolls.
I don’t know how I could possibly come up with this stuff while working out. It was just so bizarre and broken, the thoughts. Nevertheless, It was one hell of a work out I should say! Don't even ask about the after effects of such strenuous tasks. 
Don't stop,keep it going ...
To Treadmills!


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