Believe In Fantasies...

      We all want to do a million things. As time passes by, our to-do list grows longer and longer like Rapunzel's hair. They are indeed bright and shiny, miraculous, exciting and full of zeal. We all want the best of things; we are in this constant quest of making memories and trying to do it all. But we all know that in order to gain something we need to sacrifice certain things. Everybody can’t have everything. You will have your own unfinished chores and endless desires. We all want a paced life.  Life has now become like travelling on a super fast express and covering the maximum places with the minimum time. But contempt is not about quantity it relies on the quality of life.They say,just sit back, calm down and spend the valuable time with your loved ones and learn to enjoy each and every moment of your life. Nothing is guaranteed and life is flexible, so let it be that way. You know that is why we need fantasies and dreams: to recreate our past, enhance our present and design our future.
      Sometimes we fantasize about things we know are far away from our reach, but still we sit there and wish for this Fairy Godmother to come and turn all our fantasies for real. We build castles in the cloud, play with the angels and constantly seek the silver lining in the cloud. I spend half my time dreaming and fantasizing about the most bizarre and exciting of things.I am sure even you might be that way. I want to live a life of adventure. You know like those Nomads,travelling all around the world and getting the best of these places. I want to be reckless and you know that gush of adrenaline that you get when you want to do SO MANY things and then you realize you have so little time. I am a person consumed by wanderlust. Most of all I just want to make some memories and I wish to share the moments with these awesome people filled with fun, craziness and love.  
       Some may call fantasies as hallucinating and you know wasting time and deviating from reality. But dreams and fantasies give you hope, they are the silver lining in the cloud, they help you undergo the toughest situations with ease. They let you experience the part which you know that you would most probably never get to do in life. Since we can’t have a jam packed life, we are at least allowed to experience these things virtually through fantasies and dreams. I have always believed that fantasies are so pure and unbiased. You weave them carefully selecting the strings of details up in your head, protecting them from the cruel eye of the monster. My fantasies make me feel so special and they cheer me up.But the irony lies in the fact that I have created this bit of fairytale. 
        Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living. It makes even the blandest of situations taste better adding some spices,salt and balancing it all out. It is a way of understanding reality and not escaping from it. They are just a mental map of your desires in great detail. Believe in fantasies, they can take you places.  


  1. Dear Author of the article....
    This is the most fantasizing article i have read!!!
    glad that like minded ppl exist!! ^_^ thanks for the refreshing article! :D
    Keep Blogging!!

    1. Thank you so much sru! That means a lot! yes i will :)


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