Tired and exhausted after a hectic day of school, we went in search for solace.Walking across the deserted parks and the jungle trees, meandering about our future endeavours and feeling extremely invincible. Sharing views, we marched without any navigation. Curious where this blooming path takes us. We took the road not taken and I must tell you we were indeed rewarded.
We had found our solace, our new adobe for simply everything. I still have a fresh and fragrant memory of that day.Rambling with our thoughts we arrived at this gorgeous circular ground. On one side lay the usual half cut granite park benches overshadowed by the enormous trees. The soft garden grass had bordered the ground leaving it bare in the middle. The weather was heavenly, the cool breeze blowing by giving goosebumps and a shiver up my spine. The sky was of this soothing warm blue. The hawks soaring in the sky, the dragon flies, kids playing cricket all of it just got to me. I for once could truly connect with everything around me. We were at first astonished by her beauty, but gradually became a part of her. We thumped our bags on the bench and ran around the ground like nothing else mattered, taking in the absolute purity of the place , unaware that this place would soon become our peace abode.And I swear in that moment I felt infinite. I could feel this bag of hope,power,faith and happiness unravelling within me. I felt so grateful and thankful for everything around me.Life just got brighter by a couple of shades.We played around for a while, clicking pictures to preserve these brilliant moments for ever.
     Then it rained, the divine drops elegantly falling on our faces. Experiencing this wonderful thing strengthened our bond.A magical beginning to our glory days. But again some things are inevitable.What has come together has to fall apart. At least this is how the universe works. Time had come for us to choose our paths and move on but this hadn't changed the relationship we shared. Because they are my constants, my forever and always.Some bonds just defy time, logic and distance. They are just meant to be...


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