The Innocence Of Childhood

Remember when you ran around the park trying every ride, screaming and giggling. Hesitant at first because you were astound by the mechanism of the rides or you were just scared to heights and big things. But nevertheless you took the ride out of your fascination, then slowly it literally becomes a child's play. Running around all day, covered in mud ,sweat and what not. Rolling all around the place,ending up at a friends house and falling asleep in the couch but somehow magically ending up in your bed. The picnics, epic food and games. Remember the amazing toys that you used to boast about? The illustrated and colourful story books, the cartoons. The crazy games, cute dancing and singing rhymes. Being on the spotlight and being cuddled. Learning the alphabets and numbers. Knocking doors to call your playmates for a game.The innocent naughtiness.Pestering your parents and dirtying the whole house.
The first time when your daddy taught you how to ride a bicycle or to skate and helped you at first and then let you on your own, you trembled, fell and cried a bit. But that is how you learnt how to ride a bicycle and balance yourself.  After your evening play time, you go back home crying because something terrible has happened to you or you come home with these bunch of incidents to narrate. Remember the time when all that you worried or thought about was your playmates, toys, cartoons and your comics. We all have these amazing eventful stories to narrate, behind every scar and bruise.We have also dreamt of the most bizarre and strange things. We had our bags of dreams, so big that it almost seems impossible but yet we had the power to believe in them.
When you looked at things just as they were in the most purest of forms. These instances might be miniature snapshots  in your head right now.You might as well remember few incidents with great detail.Everything was brighter back then, the rich hues and textures. The rainbows, meadows, ice creams, dogs and parks! We sought happiness in the tiniest of things. Unaware of the brutality of life, we ran around chasing the butterflies and laughing.Childhood is this wonderful phase of human life. This is the period where every human is shaped ,moulded and prepared for life.
We were happy, cheerful, gleeful and innocent people. But look what has happened to us now, the stressful and worrisome life we lead today. Well, the pressure of growing up ,adulthood and becoming aware of the complexity of the society got in the way. We have our Growth Hormones and the society to blame for that. Some times we get so strangled in this confusing puzzle, we all face failure and are left hopeless. We get so caught up in the materialistic lifestyle that has a way of ripping off all our happiness that we forget that life is something so much more than all this. We forget our childhood.Most of all you forget the power of magic,fairies,moon and your Grand mom's stories.
The next time you feel this way, shattered and broken. Take a journey on the memory lane of your childhood. Even though the memories just seem to be blur, they are capable of retrieving your lost smile and happiness comes flooding back to you. You realise so many things, you regain the meaning and purpose in life. It is fascinating how the intervention of your innocent childhood can help you realise so many things and bring you back on your A-game.
So take a deep breath and meander into your childhood.


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