The Tomato Theory.

Yes. You read it right. It is the Tomato Theory. My very own theory based on the confused technically-fruit-but-vegetable- in the culinary world. It has been quite some time since I have come up with something good or got myself to write a piece.So I thought this is it, time to make this official.
Tomatoes as you all know is botanically and scientifically a fruit since it is developed from the ovary of the flower and contains seeds. But due to it's low sugar content it is consumed as vegetables in our food. This has given rise to way too many confusions and even legal speculations, whether tomatoes are fruits or vegetables. Tomato's status has caused jeopardy and made it a matter of legal importance. ( Refer Wikipedia for further information or just google it)
That was just an over view for the first part of my theory. As theories go, It's time to link this to something else and form a relevant hypothesis. Well, from what I have learnt. In the narrow minded eyes of the world these tomatoes are seen as acidic vegetables. But however ,backed by scientific proof tomatoes are fruits. And just like any other fruit they are amazing face cleansers, conditioning agents and are nutritious. Often you see a lot of posts on the internet - Is tomato a fruit or a vegetable?! This sort of gives tomatoes a very weird sexual status in the Kingdom Plantae. Which is very sad according to me because it should either be this or that and not some confused thing. One should be fully confident and aware of one's status. It is a very important thing and should be looked at that way. For this ambiguity in tomato's social status, all the credits go to the culinary world. It 's like these poor lil tomatoes are being ostracised. What's really disturbing is that over time we have stopped questioning the status of tomatoes because we are so used to seeing them in salads, curries and sabzis and not in desserts or cakes. By what the society has taught us or what we have observed, all fruits are sweet and used in desserts and stuff like that. Personally, I am not a big fan of tomatoes. In fact I hate eating them raw. Don't get me wrong here, I am totally fine with tomato ketchup or soup. It is just the raw tomato. Okay, that is not the point. The point is that tomatoes need justice, not just a mere bill saying that Hereby we restore tomatoes real identity and they will be found in the fruits section of the super market, but sterner stuff like a tomato revolution in the culinary world.
Now lets talk about Human tomatoes. Yes that is a term that I coined for a specific section of people in the society particularly the Indian society who by nature have a great aptitude in a particular field but are forced to do something else, just because the society feels that it has a higher status. A very classic example for this could be the bollywood flick- 3 Idiots. ( If you have watched that movie, you'll know what I am talking about) In India we get to spot a lot of human tomatoes and let's get this straight it is mostly because of the myopic view of the society and some parental pressure.
For instance, a very talented young boy named Anoop, who loves photography and poetry. He is extremely passionate about them and is highly gifted in that area. He could take that as a career and lead a happy life. But no, due to parental and societal pressure he's gotta do engineering . Right there you have a human tomato.  From then on he will be know as the gloomy engineer and not the top notch travel photographer. More than his passion and dreams it is a question of his identity. People should have the freedom to do what they want and to build their identity as they wish.
So just like our tomatoes, who don't know whether they belong in the fruit basket or the vegetable tray. The human tomatoes are deviated from their passion and undergo an identity or status crisis. But we all know that ideally tomatoes belong in the fruit basket. So what if they are a bit acidic not sweet enough for a fruit, that makes them special and sets them apart from the rest. Such is the plight of the human tomatoes as well. You have people telling things like follow your dreams and chase them, don't ever give up on your passion. It is easier said than done especially in a society like our very own. Not everybody gets to live their dream and it's not because they can't it is simply because they don't let them and thus the tomato. And all this talk about India being a developed nation, super economy and better work force won't prevail if the tomatoes knew where they belong. Simply if people did what they wanted to do , the world would be a better place, an efficient place.
This is just a rough outline of the theory. I thought I should post it to make it seem official so that soon I'll be able to come up with a hypothesis backed by solid scientific research. You know how it is these days, all science , technology and development but still you have these good old tomatoes. It is okay if you are a tomato, you'll get justice some day soon. I promise. One day you'll be able to breathe in the fresh air and you'll know where you are headed. You'll be better off. Don't panic if you ever figure out that you are a tomato. Just take a deep breath and that little hobby of your's that you have hidden, bring it on. The world needs more talent, more tomatoes like you!
I believe that this tomato crisis is very disturbing and soon increasing. It might sound funny but it is sad and real. We need to think of a way to turn this around, something feasible. We need to guide them to a place where they belong and a one that they deserve. It is extremely difficult and sad to undergo all this. Look around you'll find loads to tomatoes. Who don't know what they are doing and stuck in a no man's land. So this is a initiative to put back all the tomatoes into the fruit basket. They'll still be tomatoes but they'll be happy and the society will respect them for what they want to be and not what the society wants them to do.
All hail the Solanum lycopersicum ( scientific name for tomato)



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