Write to me, my love!

Write to me, my love.
For I shall guard that part of you with all my heart.
Do understand, your secret is safe with me.
Hold my hand , together we shall jump into the unknown.
For you are my only solace, my only love.

The flowers have bloomed for you to embrace them,
The fountains dance to see you smile,
The sun shines brighter to glisten upon your face,
I lie here and watch you soak it all in.
Write to me, my love.

Tell me about your adventures and hardships.
Tell me about the distant lands and the great men.
Tell me about the deserts and the snow.
For I will be a vivid listener,
Ardent and full of anticipation.

Tell me, because I will listen.
Tell me, because I love you.
Write to me, my love.

For I shall discover you in the hidden trails of the desert,
I will come looking for you in the barren battlefields,
I will find you amidst the dry grasslands.
And together let's jump into the unknown...

Write to me, for you will be eternal in my memories.
Before oblivion haunts us and death do us apart.
Write to me, my love!


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