Happy Birthday, to me!

I successfully completed sixteen years of existence , a week back. So far it has been an amazing day. It is this one day of the year where you get all the attention you need. People make you feel special, embrace your existence and just shower love. That is why I love birthdays!
The crazy midnight phone calls, texts and all the sweet Facebook wall posts. The cake cutting, balloons and cake facials. The tight hugs and loads of random people wishing you "Hey, Happy Birthday!" Unwrapping all those thoughtful gifts and Thanking people for all their love and for being the icing on the cake. It turned out to be a very pleasant day and not like any other day. I have all these wonderful people to thank for making it super cool. Birthday's are just so exciting.
Well I did turn sixteen and there is usually a lot of expectations attached to it. You know the whole sweet, sexy sixteen thing. You are finally into the older category of your teenage life. Sixteen is usually characterised as bold, beautiful, sexy and handsome! You throw a gala party, receive grand gifts and have a hell of a time.
But in my case it wasn't quite like that. It just felt like any other birthday but a little older. And I don't see any reason why people should call me a sixteen year old. I just don't fit into the conventional sixteen year old's category. I am practically still a potato. Okay so here are a few reasons why I am still not ready to be a sixteen year old.
1. I still use a baby toothbrush. ( Well, the dentist recommended.)
2. I cannot eat ice cream without rubbing it all over my face. ( unintentionally done, just a reflex thing)
3. I can bring out the worst in people.
4. I play around with kids and draw things on dusty cars.
5. I am pretty much romantically impaired.
6. I am a romantic only when it comes to food and fictional characters.
7. I turn into a koala bear, often.
The point is that my eating habits are that of a adolescent boy's and a very hungry animal. My mental age is that of a six year old. And let's not even get to the point where I know that if this continues then I will soon be a victim of social stigma!
(At the moment I can't think of more reasons. ) And I believe that there are loads of people out there just like me, A little immature, crazy and stupid. It is okay, we will figure things out sooner or later.
 But birthdays are inevitable and you gotta grow old. It is really confusing but it feels good to be sixteen, I guess.( Minus, all the hormones) Being sixteen is just over hyped, It isn't all that cool with drama or that bad either. We are all just trying to figure things out with the people whom we love, the people who wish the best for us. It is pretty nice though.
So, Happy Birthday to me! * To turning sixteen and denying it*
And and Happy Valentine's Day! Cupid's watching you.


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