From Napoleon to Aam Aadmi.

Once upon a time, a few centuries ago at the time of war, bloodshed and victories. When monarchy was at its heights and the commoners left with nothing. The time when revolutionaries were born and secret societies emerged. Yes that's the time I am talking about.
 My history lessons have left me wondering about revolutions and my new craze is for secret societies. They make me curious and I have done quite a bot of research in that aspect too.
From the Illuminatis to the Freemasons they all had a lot of things in common. They had a secret to protect and a purpose to fulfill. I believe that the reason they all chose to work secretively is that probably that helped them accomplish their purpose and make their moves efficiently.
As far as revolutionaries are concerned, these were a few men who represented the people's will and they fulfilled the wishes of these people. They brought back the lost glory of the land and restored power in people's hands.
There came a time in World History when the anarchy had to end and democracy to be born. People couldn't put up with the unreasonable taxation and feeble governance. And that's the core reason that sparked any revolution in history. So as far as the people are happy it's fine. These were times when the feeling of unity and nationalism was closely woven together. People united against the rulers and began to express their needs. Earlier this wasn't the case. They either feared the Kings or had blind faith in their power and wealth. But this wasn't for long that the Kings started exploiting their trust and belief. There came a time when people felt the need to think and express themselves. That's when the public forums were active. Newspapers, flyers and posters where everywhere. What we know of today as mass media/ communication was prevalent back then.
So what I have come to know that most of the revolutions were somehow instigated and ignited by these secret societies. And this really fascinates me. We might not have a revolution in the near future maybe because they'll all seem quite okay with their way of life. It still hasn't escalated to that level but we might me experience change at the much lower level. But revolution or not ,what I want to convey is that each one of us has a greater power within us. And more often we trigger this power only under very few circumstances of great impact. We have within us the power to think and explore. They say with time everything changes. But that's not quite true because this power to express within us might have changed manifestations but has never died. We constantly think and explore way to express our feelings and ideas. That is what makes human contact so special. We listen. We comment. We share.
What has really changed is that like earlier times we need not pull off a revolution to express our feelings and strive for change. Today we can hope for change and a lot of other things merely by using the social networking sites, starting a blog or by simply talking to people. You have a lot of opportunities. And the best thing is in this small step of yours, you can surely feel the spark of change. When you move people with your ideas and feelings they truly listen to you. You need not be a Napoleon Bonaparte of an Adolf Hitler to make people listen to you. You can just be you and express and spill all your ideals, feelings and the way you think and trust me you will be appreciated and welcomed. You need not be a 'Somebody' to express your thoughts you can be Anybody to do so.
Each one of us have a story to tell and we all look for those pieces of puzzle to build our story. It is important for you to take that big step and decide whether you wish to share your stories with the rest or otherwise. And this might not seem like a easy decision to make for most of us, to just let it all go and speak up for yourself. The fear of acceptance and failure haunts us all the time but when you finally do it you will realise that we are all more or less the same. It's okay to share and express these feelings. There is no embarrassment.
The reason why I connected this with history is to stress upon the importance and need for a change and in general to portray my fascination for secret societies. They exist even today plotting some conspiracy theory in the underground. I left that part to my imagination. Well, History has always rewarded people who have come forward to express their thoughts.
You can be a street vendor, a teacher, a doctor, a rickshaw puller, a teenager or a multi millionaire. No matter what and who you are, there comes a time in our lives when silence isn't golden any more. You need to get out there and tell people how you feel and no one else is going to do that for you. It a way you connect with people and that is true satisfaction.
So don't let anybody take away your freedom of speech and expression. Get out there think, express and spill it all out.


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