"Everything is fair in love and war."

      They say that, Everything is fair in love and war. But is it fair to love someone knowing that they'll never be able to reciprocate your love? Is it fair to love someone and let them go? Is it fair to love someone and just die or worse walk away? Is it fair to make promises when you know you can't keep them? Is it fair to get someone's hopes up just to let them rot in misery? Is it fair to look them in the eye and tell them that you love them and ignore them at their worst? Is it fair to love someone and not have the courage to let them love you back?
      None of that is fair because love is keeping the promises anyway. Love is less about appreciating them at their best and more about accepting them at their worst. Love is holding them and telling them over and over how much you love them and sticking around long enough to prove that. Love is having reasons even in an unreasonable situation. Love is quoting their favourite books and singing that song in your head that makes sense only to you. Love is loving all their perfect imperfections. Love is always better when reciprocated but even better when it is unconditional. When you love someone, you learn to live with yourself. You understand yourself more than anything. I know that it is quite the contrary but love is a paradox and it is an unfair thing because nobody asks for being cheated on, nobody plans to fall in love with an imperfect person because it just happens. Nobody plans to love and accept that it won't last forever. We all want perfect things, so we hope against hope to protect our happiness and relationships. But you know what, love isn't fair. Fair is when you ride giant wheels and eat cotton candy and get everything you want.But love is a beautiful thing on a ugly street.
     Love is a choice. It is a choice that we make to get hurt and feel miserable just for moments of reciprocation and acceptance because love is the truest thing known to man and sometimes the truth of love can be so overpowering that it seems like an illusion. Love is chaos and you seek the people who set this chaos into order. Love is anything, but fair. We choose to overlook the unfair things not because we cannot live without it but because life gets better with love and we're not willing to settle for nothing.
     In the due course of time, we've witnessed so many love stories and one thing that they all have in common are tragic endings. It was unfair that Juliet died, not knowing that Romeo was alive. But just a few hours of togetherness is all they needed and they were ready to die for their love. Maybe Romeo and Juliet is the most celebrated love story in history because it was tragic and unfair.
    As for war, backstabbing, lying,torture, making deals with enemies, bombing innocent civilians- all of it is unfair. The world wars left thousands devastated and destroyed. The on going Israel-Palestine war is killing hundreds of civilians. You can go on giving such examples. The world is broken beyond repair. And it is unfair to think that we are invincible. We can not rescue and protect everything and we must leave it to the superheroes in the movies to do it.                                                    Everything is unfair-war,love,birth,death,truth and everything else known to man. But all we can do is understand this and look at it from a perspective that suits us better. No matter how unfair these things might seem,we must take pride in their beauty because these are the few things known to us. It is all about the choices we make. To fight or to flee. To face it or to freeze. To experience it despite all the misery it brings us,because it gets better. At the end of the day,love is tragic and unfair so is war, but we chose to fight this battle with conviction and it is worth it,because we know that everything is fair in love and war.                              


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