Sweden, here I come!

It is less than 24 hours for me to board the plane to Sweden via Frankfurt and travel anxiety has struck me already. I mean its never too late for you to realize that its your first trip abroad and that too you are all by yourself! So right now I am a little sleep deprived, restless, nervous and excited, so basically I am anything but calm. ( calmness and presence of mind being a prerequisite for travel) I chose to blog rather than take my much awaited afternoon nap.
It is a two weeks student exchange program to Lerum,Sweden. I'll be staying in my Swedish hosts house, they are Paulina, Hanna and Joel. All three of them are very nice people, they answer my endless questions about the weather, the food and everything else! So I'm looking forward to meet them and get to know them better. My two weeks there seem to be jam packed with activities that they have planned for me ,which seems all the more exciting. So the plan is to keep my blog updated on my daily activities.( Gosh, like a travel journal)
Six other friends of mine and two teachers will be accompanying me, since it is an "official" thing. They are good company to travel with, because each one of us is so different in our own ways and we'll have so much to share and tell each other. Sometimes, when the company gets too overwhelming or annoying I sink into my crazy mind and entertain myself. So there is no question of sulking around or being bored. Just fun. Over the past few days I have been marveling about the serendipity-ness  of it all. I mean what are the odds of seven of us getting selected to go to Sweden, so this is indeed something special.
For one reason I know that this trip is going to be different from all the places I have been to and yet to go because this being my first trip abroad and also not often do you interact and bond with the locals of that place and live with them, eat with them and discover the place with them. So I am looking forward to this interesting experience to gather over the next few weeks.
Coming back to my friends, family and relatives. I must say that they have all been very supporting and a lot more nervous for me than I am, it doesn't help much but it is quite natural for them to feel that way. The 'Happy Journey and Take Care' calls started pouring in today. I woke up to the noise of mum explaining my travel plans to my grandparents and I have been cranky since then, just 30 more minutes of sleep would have been good. Sigh. But nevertheless, my muddled up head still cant take it all in. It just seems so unbelievable. But for a fact I know that it is going to happen in a matter of hours and when it happens, I just got to breathe and take it all in. On second thought, I'll be all over the place, yelling " HEYY,I'M GOING TO SWEDEN!" I can totally see this happening. So having said , how much this trip means to me now I have a lifetime of memories to make and cherish. I'll write more once I come back, talking endlessly about the culture difference, their food ( can't wait to eat Swedish meatballs) , the weather and scenic beauty. Gosh, I am excited. This is finally happening, because for days I have imagined what it would be like and now it is FINALLY happening.

Consumed by wanderlust all I can do is but recall J.R.R Tolkien's words," Not all those who wander are lost."

 Thanks for listening out. I look forward to a great trip! 


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